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Our Company

We are a responsible company with extensive experience dealing with the IRS.

We use that experience to solve complicated tax issues within the limits of US Tax Law. We believe all IRS tax issues can be solved because we have not encountered an impossible case.


Our Approach

We act quick and follow up with the IRS constantly so our customers become also IRS’s priority.

As soon as we sign the engagement, we get active and contact the IRS directly. So you can focus on your own priorities.


Our Advantage

As Enrolled Agents, we can represent you in front of the IRS.

We take the burden off your shoulders so you can focus on your family, your hobbies and your job.

MC Tax Group removed the stress and fear during tax season. They took time to understand my situation, I felt like I was their only client. I felt like my business started going a lot smoother because such a weight was lifted of my shoulders. I would recommend them to everyone.


I was very happy with the service. If you provide the information requested on time, MC Tax Group will act in your best interest. I have never been more pleased with the professionalism and help that I have received. MC Tax Group has helped me more than I could even imagine.

I cannot find the words to express my gratitude from the first day that I started to work with MC Tax Group they would follow up with me to make sure that everything has turned out okay. They made sure I kept track of my records and gave me great advice.

MC Tax Group did everything they could to stop the IRS from taking everything that I own. I was given a fair settlement to abide by all do to the work of this company. if I ever have this problem again this is where I will go and call.

No matter how tough my situation got they always helped me find a loophole to solve my problems. They always did things in my best interests, not only did that save me time but it also saved me money.